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Btech-CS, Semester V (PMT)
Btech-CS, Semester V,VII (PME)
Btech-CE, Semester VII (PME)
Btech-All, Semester III (HSE)
Btech-CS,EE, Semester V (IDC)
Btech-CS, Semester VII (PMT)
Btech-CE, Semester VII (PMP)
Mtech-GE, Semester III (PMP)
Btech-CE, Semester III (PMT)
Btech-ME, Semester III (PMT)
MSc-CY, Semester III (PMP)
Btech-CS,EE, Semester III (PMT)
Btech-EE, Semester VII (PMP)
Btech-All, Semester III,V,VII (MAE,GCE)
Btech-All, Semester III (MAE)
Btech-All, Semester V, VII (GCE)
Btech-ME, Semester VII (PMP)
Btech-ME, Semester V,VII (PME)
Mtech-MME, Semester III (PMP)

For PhD, MS and M.Tech

Btech-CS, Semester VII (PMP)

This is a virtual course to manage the supplementary exams of PoPL. It is only available for students who are writing the supplementary exam.

Mtech-SOCD, Semester I (PMT)
MSc-MA,Mtech-CM,DS, Semester-I(PST,PMT)
MSc-MA,Mtech-CM,Semester I(PST,PMT)
Mtech-GE, Semester I (PMT)
BTech CS, Semester V &VII (PME)
BTech-CS, Semester VII(PME)

Btech-All, Semester III (GCE)

B.Tech First Year Electrical Engineering

B.Tech First Year Computer Science and Engineering

B.Tech First Year Mechanical Engineering

Course created for CS2130 DSA LAB Final Examination Batch 1 students

This course has been created for CS2130 DSA LAB Final Exam (17, Dec) Batch2 students.

Course for the final lab examination of CS2130 on Dec, 22

Course for the final lab examination of CS2130 on 22, Dec